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Emergency Shutdown Procedures

Emergency Shutdown Procedures while on Emergency Power Air Cooled Home Stand-By Generators

Please Note: A Generac Home Stand-By Generator's Oil Requires Monitoring Every 24 hours of Continuous Operation

Locate the keys to access the lid on the generator.

1. Unlock the two (2) latches on the generator.

2. Turn off the main breaker on the generator. This will interrupt the emergency power to your home.

3. Allow the generator to run for one (1) full minute without the load. This will allow the generator to "cool down."

4. After "cool down," turn the generator off. How to turn off - see control type.

5. Wait at least one (1) full minute to allow the oil in the engine to settle (front access panel may need to be removed).

6. Pull the dipstick handle and wipe, reinsert and withdraw again to check the level of oil on the dipstick. Inspect the level and condition of the oil. If no oil or low oil is indicated on the dip stick, fill to the required fill (see engine recommendations). If oil is very dark or has sludge, replace oil and oil filter. Dipstick oil indicator and oil cap location is pictured below.

7. When oil check and or fill is completed, replace oil cap (tighten) and replace dipstick. Clean up any spilled oil. Visually inspect the generator for any foreign debris - remove if needed. (If the front access panel has been removed, replace before starting generator.)

8. Start the generator back in the "auto" position.

9. The generator will delay the start for approximately 5-10 seconds. Once the generator come sup to speed, allow the generator to fun with the main breaker still in the off position, "unloaded."

10. After about one (1) full minute of the generator running, reset the main breaker on the generator. Power will be restored to the home.

11. Close the generator lid and lock the latches.

This will complete the emergency shutdown procedure of your Generac Air Cooled Home Stand-By Generator. If you have any questions, please contact us at 409-842-2402 or email Jamie at


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