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Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q.)

As construction and energy codes are being changed to mandate that our homes be sealed to keep heat and humidity out in order to prevent the loss of air conditioning, we are trapping more and more stale air and pollutants in our homes. By not allowing any air to be exchanged, we are breathing in gasses of the cleaners we use as well as gasses from the synthetic materials used in just about everything in your home. This increases the potential of trapped odors and harmful viruses to be locked in. 

Air protection with the Air Knight air purification system can help reduce odors, air pollutants, smoke, mold, bacteria, VOC’s (chemical odors) and viruses. The Air Knight is designed to create air scrubbing ions into the duct system, which allows your air conditioning system to purify your entire home.

Air Knight PX5 w/IPG

Air Knight PX5 with IPG (Ionized Particle Gathering)

The Air Knight PX5 with IPG (ionized particle gathering) air purification system uses a new indoor air quality process to naturally generate ionic oxidizers that seek out and purify pollutants in the air in your home and on surfaces. The Air Knight reduces odors, smoke, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds – chemical odors) and also bacteria, mold and viruses. The IPG (ionized particle gathering) of this Air Knight encourages particles in the air to gather together, making your existing air filter system more effective than before. In addition to purifying the air, the Air Knight PX5 w/IPG will treat the surfaces in your home. 

Air Knight PX5

Air Knight PX5 

The Air Knight PX5 was designed to reduce sick building syndrome risk such as odors, air pollutants, smoke and VOC's (volatile organic compounds – chemical odors). Molds, bacteria and viruses are also reduced by the creation of an advanced oxidation process consisting of hydro-per-oxides, super oxides ions and hydroxide ions. These friendly oxidizers revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation of the pollutant is complete.
Both of these options is available today for your home. You can start breathing a little better.

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